Our Mission

To provide relief and development services while ensuring resilience, and integrated sustainable development  through community participation ,  in partnership with Government institutions, UN agencies, Civil Society Organizations, NGOs and Community Based Organizations (CBOs).

Our Vision

Ensure inclusive and integrated sustainable development in Rwanda and other African countries through community participation.

Our Core Values

ATEDEC is committed to : Internal Good Governance, Transparency, Integrity, Accountability, Professionalism, Partnerships and sustainability.

Our Motto

Empowering Communities for Sustainable Development.

Our Objectives

ATEDEC’s objective is to facilitate and provide support in relief and development to vulnerable communities by focusing mainly on the following; 
  • Environmental protection, and climate change adaptation.
  • Facilitate and provide support in relief and development to vulnerable communities.
  • Improving community livelihoods and socio-economic empowerment
  • Community health, HIV/AIDS, and GBV prevention
  • Disaster preparedness & rapid response


ATEDEC is a non- political, non-religious, and not for profit making African NGO, with its Headquarters in Kigali, Rwanda.

It was founded in Rwanda in November 1994, and approved to operate in Rwanda under legal personality No.801/06.01 dated 12th April 1995, which was published in the official gazette of the Republic of Rwanda on 15th July 1999. ATEDEC started its operations in April 1995 focusing and responding to the emergent and humanitarian needs, resettlement and reintegration of displaced families

How We Work

ATEDEC works at the highest level of professionalism, accountability, ethics and integrity guided by its Five Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in Finance and Administration, Human Resources, Procurement, Emergency response, and Code of Conduct.

The implementation of these SOPs across the organization is in alignment with our core values in of good internal governance, transparency, accountability, professionalism and sustainability.

Projects and Operations

Since its incorporation in April 1995, until 2023 ATEDEC has undertaken over 80 projects or operations in community empowerment and development focusing on WASH, Shelter, HIV/AIDS, GBV, environmental protection, youth and women empowerment through livelihoods operations.

Location : KG 19 Ave, Trinity Plaza
P.O. Box 209 Kigali - Rwanda.
Tel : +250 784 596 181 | +250 788 352 151 | Email: info@atedec.org | Web: www.atedec.org

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