Fisheries Project

Inland Lakes Integrated Development and Management Support Project ( PAIGELAC)

The project was funded by the  African Development Bank through the Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources. It undertook capacity building of fisheries in 17 inland lakes across the country and lake Kivu.

Capacity building included management and maintenance of  Fishery infrastructures—including cold storage unites, ice machines, drying racks, smoking ovens, etc.— reduce post-harvest losses and increase the value of fish.

To increase production and sustainability of fisheries, ATEDEC in a joint venture with GLID Consulting Group trained 5,944 fishermen as well as fishmongers, processors, administration officials, and fishery guards.

Among these trainees, 147 aquaculture cooperatives were formed. Of these cooperatives, 43 are engaged directly in tilapia farming using 385 cages on the different lakes.

These cooperatives were also trained in construction of aquaculture cages and rehabilitation on ponds. They were also trained on how simple production of fish feeds using the simple machines donated by the Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources. The training included also, the basic knowledge of environmental, social and economic impact on fisheries

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